Five Minute Physio


Your chance to pick the brains of a fully qualified physiotherapist who will spend 5 mins to quickly review your symptoms to see if it is something that we can help with. Within 24 hours* you will receive a reply with a our recommendation on what we think your problem could be and what to do next.

*Please note this service does not constitute medical advice. In the event of an emergency or serious medical conditions please dial 000 or seek the immediate advice of a doctor. DO NOT use this service. This mailbox is only checked once a day Monday to Friday. This is an information / guidance service only and we take no responsibility for the management of your condition.

Q1. Where do you have the pain / problem?

Q2. How long have you had this pain / problem?

Q3. Was there a specific injury or cause to your pain / problem?

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Q4. Please confirm you're not experiencing any of the following:

If you're experiencing any of the above symptoms, please seek medical assistance from your Doctor / GP or, if it's an emergency, dial 000.

Q5. What did “Dr Google” tell you?

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