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Whether it’s your first visit or you’ve been with us from the beginning, we’re here to help.

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Can I book over the phone?

Yes! While booking online is generally the easiest and quickest way, you can still give us a call at Manly, North Curl Curl or Mona Vale to book in an appointment. Talk to our friendly reception staff at any of our clinics – they’ll be happy to help.

Do I need a doctor to refer me to you first?

You don’t need a referral to get treatment from one of our physiotherapists, even if you’re claiming through private health care. However, if you do have one, please remember to bring it along with you. We like to keep in touch with your doctor regarding your treatment to help with your ongoing care.

For WorkCover claims or a Department of Veterans Affairs claim then a doctors referral is required.

Will you remind me that I have an appointment with you?

Yes. We’ll ask for your mobile phone number so that we can contact you about your appointment and we’ll send you a reminder text message the day before. If you prefer a phone call or email to remind you, just let us know.

Please note: The message is a NO REPLY message so if you need to change your appointment or tell us something has changed, please call the clinic your appointment is with.

How long will my appointment be?

In most cases your appointment will be half an hour (30 mins) but this can change depending on your case. Your initial appointment will likely be longer while we diagnose and prepare your treatment plan. When you book an appointment online you’ll be shown how long the appointment is for so you can plan your day.

Do I need to bring anything with me?

If you have any of the following, please bring them with you to your appointment:

  • X-rays or other scans
  • Reports from any scans
  • Medical notes from a doctor or other professional

Don’t worry if you don’t have any of those, just bring yourself!

I'm running late!

Don’t stress! We try to make sure that everyone receives the attention they require while also making the best use of our available time. If you are running late, just call the clinic your appointment is with, let them know what time you expect to arrive and our team will check whether there is enough time to treat you effectively. Rushing your treatment is unhelpful and potentially unsafe, so in cases where there’s not enough time, we can simply reschedule your appointment for a later time or date.

How do I find you?

Where can I park?

Mona Vale

Choose from street parking or there’s plenty of parking in the car park below the building, which you can access from Bungan Lane (this is a one way street running from Waratah St to Mona Vale Rd). Please note: there is a $2 parking fee.


There are lots of parking stations in Manly however street parking can be difficult at times. We recommend parking in the Whistler Street council car park directly opposite our rooms. The entrance is from Whistler Street itself and you will get 2 hours free parking.

North Curl Curl

You can usually find some street parking close to the clinic, either on Griffin Rd itself or around the corner on Pitt Rd.

Please remember to allow enough time to find a parking space before your appointment!

Is there public transport nearby?

All our clinics are within walking distance to bus stops and our Manly clinic is also close to ferries, too. We recommend checking the local public transport time tables to find out the best route for you.


How many treatments will I need?

Good question! Your recovery time will depend on the condition or injury we are dealing with. It also depends on how much of your recovery will benefit from exercises you’re able to do in between treatments. We can give you a reasonable idea of how many treatment sessions you will require during your first appointment.

What should I wear?

It’s important to us that you’re comfortable in your treatment sessions and your modesty is always assured.

As a general rule, wear loose fitting clothing with an elastic waist and be mindful of the area we’ll be treating. For example, if we will be looking at your knee then shorts are best, or with a lower back condition tights or shorts are fine as long as you have an elastic waist etc.

If we need you to remove any items of clothing to assess or treat you, for example t-shirts/tops, you will of course be given the privacy to change and we ask that all our female clients with neck conditions place a gown on. Bras can be left on under the gowns without affecting our ability to treat your neck or back properly.

We are very conscious to cover exposed skin with towels and you will never feel like you are uncomfortably exposed during your treatment session. Most people find that they are wearing more during the session than when they walked in!

I’m coming from work and don’t have time to change…

No worries, we will use gowns and towels to ensure that you are appropriately covered if you don’t have elasticated/comfortable clothing.

Am I likely to be sore after my first treatment?

There are some treatment techniques that you may be able to feel the following day. This is usually a soreness similar to the feeling you get after exercise and should only ever be light discomfort. We always try to avoid creating extra soreness when treating your injuries or conditions and if the possibility of discomfort concerns you, please discuss it with your physio so that they can adjust their approach to your treatment to suit you.

Will I see the same physio/my physio is unavailable?

There is no requirement for you to see the same Therapist each time you come in. We keep excellent accessible treatment notes and communicate very well with each other. We are open for very long hours and as a result we are never all here at the same time. If your schedule is such that you need to change therapists then the transition will be easy for you and for us. No one gets upset if you see someone else the next time. Whatever is best for you will suit us fine.

Billing & rebates

When do I pay?

Payment is due on the day unless you’re claiming through WorkCover or similar. Our friendly receptionists will help you with that and any other billing queries, including rebates, usually after your treatments.

Can you help me with health fund/WorkCover rebates?

Sure! It’s usually best to discuss your specific rebate claim with us directly so we can give you accurate information but we do have some general advice.

If you have an approved claim for a WorkCover injury, we will bill your insurance company directly and there will be nothing for you to pay on the day.

For claims through the HICAPs system, including private health insurance, you can swipe your card in our clinics and have the refund paid immediately. You will only need to make any gap payment.

For any other rebates, please call our receptionists who will help you with your specific case.

Is there a cancellation policy?

Yes. We would be very grateful if you could give us at least 12 hours notice. There are often other people waiting for cancellations and we can give them a bit of notice.

We understand that life throws obstacles in our path from time to time; if you miss an appointment please call us and we can organise another for you. We’ll often call people who miss their appointments just to see that they are OK.

First time with us?

What to expect on your first visit



When you arrive you will be greeted by one of our Receptionists and asked to fill out some simple details. We ask that you arrive 5 or 10 minutes early for your first appointment. It gives you a chance to fill out the forms and catch your breath if you have been rushing from the car.



Your Physiotherapist will then greet you in the waiting room and take you through to the treatment area. We do not use an open gym lay out in our clinic. Your assessment and treatment will be in a private treatment room so that you do not need to share your experiences with other clients and Physiotherapists.



We will listen to your explanation of your concerns and reasons for seeking Physiotherapy assessment. We will ask you specific questions about your problem in an attempt to understand it thoroughly. We want to know what you expect from us. We will also view any scans or reports from previous investigations or treatments.

We consider your privacy to be of paramount importance. All conversations and records are kept confidential.



After gathering this information we will then assess you. Depending on what you have come to us for it may mean some simple movements followed by us pushing on or gently feeling the movements of your wrist, knee, back or whatever your particular area of concern. Assessments will vary considerably from person to person. The physical assessment is a deduction process where the results from one particular test will guide what we do next. By the end of this assessment we will usually have a good idea of what your condition is and what we and you should do about recovery.



The next important step is to explain to you what is wrong and what is not wrong. We give you a diagnosis and recommend a course of action which in most cases will involve some manual therapy treatment from us and some exercise for you to do at home. This takes the form of a discussion. It’s not us telling you what to do since we respect that you also have a good idea of what your body responds to and what it does not. We recommend a plan of action giving you an idea of how much treatment is required and a time frame for recovery.



We then implement the treatment and develop the exercises required. Massage, soft tissue release, mobilization, manipulation or any of the many other techniques we utilise. At the end of the session we will be clear about our recommendation for further treatment or ongoing exercise. We will usually print pictures of the exercises we have recommended and write down how much to do and how often. Everyone is different and some may not need further treatment while some may need a series of sessions.

Treatments take the form of a discussion. It’s not us telling you what to do, you know your body too!


Follow up

After you leave we encourage you to telephone us or email us if you have concerns about your condition. We don’t usually take phone calls during someone’s treatment session however we do allocate time each day for returning calls. We will always be happy to speak to you.

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