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Physiotherapy Treatment

Overcome your limitations and achieve optimal physical function with the help of MGS’ expert physiotherapists, based on Sydney’s Northern Beaches.

Physiotherapy is the holistic treatment of injury, disease and disorder with the ultimate goal of restoring function and increasing quality of life.

General Physiotherapy Sydney


What is it?

Pain management

Treating the source of your pain will not only alleviate the day-to-day discomfort but also prevent future recurrences of back, neck, hip, shoulder or any other type of pain.

Injury rehabilitation

Return to your best level of function post-injury. Increase mobility, minimise pain and reduce susceptibility to further injury using exercises that focus on enhancing strength, flexibility and balance.

Pre and post-surgery recovery

Build mobility and strength levels to help significantly reduce the need for surgical intervention and, as required, accelerate the post-operative recovery process.

Chronic conditions and disorders

Manage ongoing conditions such as osteoarthritis or Sever’s disease. Treat acute, repetitive and preventable conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome, plantar fasciitis, whiplash, muscle and tendon tears, fractures and shin splints.

Children’s health

Find manageable solutions for children’s growth and development issues using a uniquely collaborative approach for identifying, assessing and treating both cognitive and physical conditions.

Physiotherapy involves the prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of injury, disease and dysfunction in order to optimise physical function

The objective of physiotherapy is to restore proper functioning of the human body. It is an evidence-based and scientifically proven approach to treating specific illnesses and injuries as well as building strength, flexibility and resilience. The combination of acute treatment, as well as preventative measures, performance enhancement and long-term management, make this type of therapy beneficial for everyone.

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Physiotherapists are capable of treating a broad spectrum of physical conditions.

They are experts in everything from injury prevention and rehabilitation to chronic condition management and athletic performance enhancement. Customised interventions, treatment and maintenance exercise programs help lay the foundation for a better quality of life.


Treatment begins with a physical evaluation, diagnosis and the development of a tailored recovery plan. Some conditions can be resolved with direct treatment such as mobilisation, manipulation or soft tissue release whilst others are better treated with exercise. The best results often come from a combination of both approaches.


You can expect to see positive results in as little as 1-2 sessions. However, this depends on the complexity of the issue and the goals of the individual. An experienced physiotherapist will be able to clarify this for you by putting together a treatment timeline with milestones to monitor progression.

Post treatment

The best results are felt when patients feel educated, confident and well equipped to implement a self-managed home-based exercise program. It is vital that you make a commitment to continue with any dietary, lifestyle or exercise recommendations to ensure results are sustained long-term.

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Manly. Mona Vale. North Curl Curl.

We pride ourselves on our attentive service as well as the warm, friendly atmosphere that we’ve come to be known for. We want you to feel relaxed and comfortable in the clinic but also confident that you’ll be in and out on time, with the results you need.

Our approach is anchored in trust, care and open communication. We’re here to help facilitate and accelerate your unique body’s healing process – whatever that means for you and your body.

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Appointments available within 24hrs*

We want to help get you on the road to recovery as soon as we possibly can. In almost all cases, we are pleased to be able to offer consultations within less than 24 hours.

Holistic, family-centred approach

We believe that children’s physiotherapy is most effective and engaging when carried out in a playful, warm environment using a collaboration-based approach.

Wealth of experience

A core part of the MGS culture involves a commitment to professional development. Many of our physiotherapists also have over 25 years of hands-on experience.

New patients might ask us…

Can I book over the phone?

Yes! You can call find the clinic phone numbers at the very top of the page on a desktop, or in the side menu on a mobile.

You will find our Receptionists very friendly and helpful. They will find a time that suits you and make sure you know where to park, how to get there and where we are.

Do I need a doctor to refer me to you first?

You do not need a referral from a doctor to see a physiotherapist however if you do have one please bring it along. We like to communicate with your doctor and any other practitioners involved in your care.

Will you remind me that I have an appointment with you?

Yes! You will have your appointment confirmed a day or so before by text, email or telephone call – whichever you prefer.

How long will my appointment be?

Appointments are scheduled a minimum of 30 minutes apart. We find that in the majority of cases that this is the most appropriate amount of time. In more complex conditions or for multiple injuries longer appointments can be arranged.

Do I need to bring anything with me?

Yes please! Any investigations or scans relating to the condition will help us understand your presentation better. Even if you just have the reports from scans they will be very helpful. Likewise any notes from other Therapists or doctors would be great. If you don’t have anything then don’t worry just bring yourself.

If you have problems related to walking or sport then please bring your runners or boots in for use to look at.

If you have a WorkCover claim or were injured at work then please bring your claim number. If you do not have a claim number but intend to get one please advise our receptionist when you arrive.

I'm running late!

Our aim is that everyone receives the attention they require and while achieving this we attempt to utilise all of our available time.  If you are running late please call ahead and our Receptionist will check with your physio to see if it is possible to still see you.  There may not be enough time to attend to your needs effectively.  If we rush you through your treatment it is at best not helpful to you and at worst unsafe.  We can simply reschedule your appointment for a later time.

We have three clinics on

Sydney’s Northern Beaches

Contact our friendly staff to get you moving at peak performance

MGS Manly


Phone 02 9976 2666
Fax 02 9976 2675


1 Whistler Street
Manly NSW 2095


Mon – Fri, 7am – 7pm
Sat, 8am – 1pm

MGS Mona Vale


Phone 02 9979 6978
Fax 02 9979 2161


Shop 2, Peninsula Plaza,
20 Bungan Street
Mona Vale NSW 2103


Mon – Fri, 7am – 7pm
Sat, 8am – 1pm

MGS North Curl Curl


Phone 02 9905 3500
Fax 02 9905 3501


53 Griffin Road
North Curl Curl NSW 2099


Mon – Fri, 7am – 7pm
Sat, 8am – 12pm

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