Bene Sloan


Bachelor App. Sc (Physiotherapy)
Pilates Instructor

MGS would like to introduce you to Bene, a local Physio living in Manly. She graduated in 1990 from Sydney University and has been living and working on the lower Northern Beaches ever since. Her work and travels took her many places, one of her fondest ending up in Mt Hutt, New Zealand for 3 three years. We have a feeling this may have sparked her love of Snow Sports.

Bene’s earlier Physio career began in Paediatrics (including the burns unit), and then she worked in the Hand Unit at Sydney Hospital and later in private practice. Her skillset as an accredited Hand Therapist had her managing all upper limb injuries including working as an ergonomist.

Whilst in New Zealand, she treated a wide variety of patients, from elite athletes to local farmers and labourers – a fantastic experience it was. On return to Sydney, she continued with development of musculoskeletal treatment skills. Extensive Pilates training, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Breathing Awareness training, which were all areas of her ongoing Professional Development.

Always seeking more skills, having her three children inspired her to work in pre and post-natal education and exploring treatments of evolving ‘niggles’ during pregnancy. More recently she has been researching and upskilling in the management of neurological conditions after a close friend developed Parkinson’s Disease and was looking for her help and guidance.

A good work- life balance is critical to Bene, and she loves all the local treasures that the Northern Beaches have to offer like swimming laps of Reef Beach, sunset walks on North Head and early mornings at Manly Dam.

Bene feels that she is well equipped to empathise with patients, having ruptured her ACL during a ski season in Canada and more recently she has overcome a traumatic spinal injury and spinal surgery. If you walk into the Clinic and wonder which one is Bene, you’ll hear her and you’ll know soon enough which one she is, it’s the room where the laughter and banter is coming from.

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Favourite person
Mother Theresa

Favourite movie
Gorillas in the Mist

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April Fool’s day

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