Chrissie Eves


Doctor (Physiotherapy)
Ba (Sports Science)
Clinical Pilates Instructor

Chrissie Eves is almost a Manly local. She grew up in Mosman and went to School at Monte. She then went north and completed her first degree in Sports Science at the Bond University on the Gold Coast. After that Chrissie undertook and attained the Bond University Doctor of Physiotherapy programme. A fair bit of study later Chrissie was plying her trade in a variety of different physiotherapy areas.

By the time she had joined MGS in Manly Chrissie had worked with many high profile rugby and rugby league teams. She has worked and gained experience over a few years in busy private practices similar to MGS. Chrissie is a highly qualified and experienced physiotherapist who has a great deal to offer her patients.

Like all of our physiotherapists Chrissie has specific training in a variety of treatment techniques. She is trained in Active Release Technique (ART) which she finds to be a very useful treatment for certain conditions. ART is a movement based massage which changes interactions between muscles, tendons, ligaments, fascia and nerves. Chrissie also utilises dry needling along with many other manual therapy techniques. Knowing when to use various treatment tools is the most important component of quality physiotherapy treatment. Chrissie uses her extensive knowledge and diagnostic skills in order to assess and design the best treatment along with accurate exercise prescription. On top of all of her clinical skills Chrissie is also a qualified Clinical Pilates instructor.

We are all fairly active at MGS and Chrissie is no different. She played high level netball through her school years and it was actually an injury to her knee that introduced her to physio in the first place. She must have been looked after well because it was from this point that she decided to pursue physiotherapy as her career. Chrissie seems to be into everything active, she surfs, runs, goes to Yoga and practices Pilates as well. Over the past couple of years she has become a large part of our wider Cross Fit community and loves training with her fellow cross fitters. We can always tell which patient’s in the waiting room are Chrissie’s, their muscles and superfit demeanors just give them away.

Although her appointment cards name her formally as “Dr Christina Eves” we just call her Chrissie. There is never a dull moment having Chrissie around at work, she is full of life and super enthusiastic in getting her patients better, and manages to push us all to squeeze that extra training or exercise session in our lunch break. We love having her around at MGS.

The Quiz
Most inspiring historical or public person
Princess Diana and Layne Beachley

What is your favourite movie?
The Body Guard

Name your favourite book
Buddha’s Brain by Dr Rick Hanson

Which place would you most like to visit
Tulum Caves Mexico

chrissie eves

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