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Achieve Your Goals, Let MGS Help

By March 26, 2016September 24th, 2023Back Pain

We just want to share with you a great story about one of our patients. Bev was referred to our practice by her GP suffering with acute lower back pain and sciatic leg pain. She hobbled in to MGS in a world of pain.

Her opening words were “you have to get me better, I have a lot of things to achieve over the next few months”.

Bev had just turned 80 this year, and had just survived some serious cardiac surgery 12 months prior so being crippled by a lower back injury was not on her plan. Such a pleasant and positive lady she was, her determination and commitment to her goal ensured that she followed her Physio’s treatment plan and home exercises to the tee.

She had only just completed the crossing from Sydney to Perth on the Indian Pacific railway 3 months before seeing us. We only had time for 3 treatment sessions before she was to board a ship bound from Sydney to New Zealand.

Upon her return from New Zealand she booked a follow up visit to make sure her back and legs were strong enough to climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge. It was her birthday present from her son who shared his 50th birthday with his mums 80th this year.

I treated Bev yesterday for one more follow up session, and she was essentially pain free and ecstatic with her treatment results, but just wanted an update on her exercises and to share her experiences with us.

Patients like Bev are inspirational and an absolute pleasure to help. This is why we love coming back to work day after day in such a rewarding profession.