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Disc Facts

By June 9, 2022March 1st, 2024Back Pain, Elliott Lang, Fun Facts

Elliot Lang Disc Facts

5 fun facts about your spine and your discs:

  1. Running can help keep your discs healthy and hydrated
  2. Inactivity leads to thinner and less robust discs than active people
  3. Resistance training can cause positive adaptations in discs
  4. Most disc bulges and herniations recover without surgery
  5. Posture has little to no effect on increased pain and injury risk




Profile ElliottAuthor – Elliott Lang (North Curl Curl)

With a sporting background as a competitive javelin thrower with a degree in Exercise and Sports Science – Elliott is uniquely skilled in the intricacies of diagnosing, managing and rehabilitating sporting injuries. This especially applies to overhead sports such as throwing, tennis, swimming, and golf.

He loves playing golf – and currently has a handicap of 12 and hoping to get below 10 by the end of the year!

You can see Elliott running along Curl Curl beach in his lunch breaks trying to get my fastest 5km time

Click here to learn more about Elliott.