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How to Prevent Exercise Related Injuries around the Christmas Break

By December 10, 2018January 30th, 2024Christmas, Exercise, Injury

Our bodies do an excellent job at adapting to our regular exercise routine. The problem with the Christmas break is that our bodies may lose some of their adaptation that has been building up in the previous months and you may become somewhat deconditioned.

Jumping straight back into your usual routine following the holidays this creates injury risk. Overload injuries then occur most commonly, such as muscle strains and joint pain. It is therefore important to prioritise your holiday exercises to target the body parts you most commonly use in your exercise of choice. For example, if you are a runner then prioritise gluteal and leg strengthening exercises, if you are a rower then shoulder and back exercises. 

When resuming after the holiday break it is very important to ensure a gradual, planned program back into your full routine over a couple of weeks, this helps to avoid a large spike in training volume. This reduces the risk of overload and stress-related injuries. 

Try and follow these easy steps to avoid any preventable injuries around the Christmas season and when you return to your regular exercise routine.