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Its That Time of Year Again

By December 9, 2014September 20th, 2023Christmas, Injury



Christmas is a fantastic time of year. The weather is warm, our patient’s are enjoying some time off work , everyone is in a festive mood. So why is MGS so busy in those weeks during and just after Christmas.

There are no studies to prove this, but after 24 years of observing this Christmas behaviour one thing has become apparent. We are all big kids at heart. After a few celebratory drinks it always amazes me how us parents become experts on the kids toys. Last year these were some of the better ones:

  • Dad shows his skills on son’s brand new Razor Scooter- Result Knee injury, ACL and medial ligament rupture requiring full knee reconstruction. Took 6 mths to recovery
  • Dad attempting backward somersault on daughter’s new trampoline – result Fracture of four of the main bones in the forefoot (metatarsal midshaft fractures). Surgical correction was required with numerous pins, screws and wire fixation. Took best part of 8 mths for recovery
  • Mum showing her old dance skills doing the splits on Wii – “so you think you can dance” – result hamstring avulsion (tear off bone insertion) whilst doing the splits required surgery to re-attach tendon. Long, slow recovery from this type of surgery.

Moral of the story, be careful, act your age and stay out of the Physio’s this christmas.

Having said that, MGS Physiotherapy does not close for a Christmas holiday break . It will be business as usual apart from the Public Holidays just in case you do need our services.

Merry Christmas to you all.