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MGS Ongoing Education Program

By June 26, 2016September 24th, 2023Staff News

The Physiotherapists at MGS and North Curl Curl Physiotherapy pride themselves on staying up with the latest evidence-based knowledge and treatment skills. The medical world is constantly evolving, with some past theories being disproven, and more commonly other treatment strategies and techniques being proven to have reliable treatment outcomes.

There are still many forms of treatment which not been fully validated scientifically yet have demonstrated positive clinical outcomes and patient satisfaction. It is important that we don’t discount their value when it is appropriate to use them to help manage and treat the vast array of conditions seen by Physiotherapists.

At MGS, the professional staff including Physiotherapists, Hand Therapists, Podiatrists, Massage therapists and Rehab Specific Physios vigilantly attend and undertake weekly training and ongoing education. With many of the senior MGS Physiotherapists having been treating patients for 20-25 years, their combined knowledge and clinical experience complement the academic skills and knowledge base from some of the Physiotherapists who may have spent more recent years at University on post graduate Masters and Doctorate programs. Many of our current Physio’s are still undertaking these further courses whilst continuing to treat their patients at MGS and run their busy family and home lives too. It makes for very interesting discussion and show tell treatment advice when all 28 of us get in a room together discussing clinical case studies and scenarios.

We have been fortunate to have some fantastic guest speakers and presenters to our Monthly MGS information evenings. Trevor Montgomery, one of New Zealand’s leading Dry Needling Physiotherapists have graced us with his presence several times and shared his knowledge and assessment and treatment approach with us over the past 2 years. It has no doubt helped improved the effectiveness and of our Physio’s dry needling and acupuncture skills.

Dr Marcus Chia, one of the Northern Beaches popular Shoulder and Upper Limb surgeons came and presented on the various shoulder conditions and helped us all understand why he feels shoulder surgery should ideally be the last choice of certain conditions. He confirmed that the majority of the common shoulder complaints he will send first to the Physiotherapists to undergo a specific strength and stability rehab program. After that if they fail to respond did he implement a range of both non surgical or surgical options to help guide our patients. We welcome input from Specialists like Dr Chia, and were so impressed by his humble , helpful and friendly manner with not only us Allied Health professionals but also with his patients.

Our most recent guest was Dr Luke Inman, another of the Northern Beaches leading Sports Physicians. He runs his practice from Narrabeen Sports Academy and from Peninsular Orthopaedics in Dee Why. Along with his role in being the Club Doctor for the Manly Sea Eagles and his out of hours scientific research projects, he is kept very busy.

It was another most informative and educational evening for us all, with open plan discussion on various hot current treatment topics and conditions. Dr Inman gave us his recommended management strategies and suggestions as to when and at what stage it is best for the Physiotherapist to involve the patient’s GP, or ongoing referral for further investigations and Specialist opinion. Dr Inman was himself impressed with the levels of experience, knowledge and enthusiasm shown by our MGS team and is keen to undertake further such events at MGS. We are grateful for him taking time from his busy schedule for us and for his sharing his wealth of information with us.

Events like these and the regular in house training services ensure that the MGS Physiotherapists are capable of offering the patients high quality treatment and management advice for their injuries and complaints. This is part of the reason why at MGS you will get “faster results in less number of treatments” .