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MGS Physiotherapy Changing of the Guard

By March 4, 2022June 11th, 2024Staff News

Like so many businesses, 2021 has been a challenging time for us at MGS. We have experienced a greater than usual change in our Physiotherapists and support staff last year. Several taking Maternity Leave, some heading back to New Zealand to be closer to family and several others opting to move out of Sydney to be able to have an opportunity to purchase their dream home. We are sad to see them go but at the same time have wished them all the very best in their next stages in life.

COVID helped contribute to a turbulent November – February and Christmas period, with us needing to postpone and cancel many patient appointments as family and individual COVID cases presented requiring the necessary isolation times. If your appointments were re-scheduled once or several times, we apologize for the inconvenience caused, and thank you all for being so accommodating and understanding. Overall, everyone was very supportive. A massive thank you to our reception team who did a tremendous job of juggling the ever changing appointment book.

Interesting fact, that across all MGS clinics to date, we have not experienced any incidences of COVID being contracted by our Physio’s or patients from interactions within the rooms. All our fully vaccinated staff have remained diligent in wearing PPE and undertaking our full hygiene protocols in between every patient. This ensures as sanitized an environment as we can try for and once again, we commend our staff diligence in this area.

Now the GREAT news. We have successfully recruited some amazing, highly qualified Physiotherapists to join our existing team. Some of whom we have needed to wait patiently for while they moved from interstate and from regional areas to settle back in Sydney. MGS is now back on track, aiming to be able to find you appointment times on the day you are looking for and avoiding lengthy wait times. As usual, appointments are available online or by simply phoning the clinics. Booking details at

Feel free to check out our Team at

And find out some more about each of us before you book.

New Staff at Mona Vale

Bronte Sloan                    Adam Horwitz               Brittany Bourne           Moana Roberts

Bronte Sloan Adam Horwitz Brittany Bourne  Moana Roberts


New Staff at Manly

Ryan Farrell                   Riley Bodger

Ryan Farrell    Riley Bodger