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North Curl Curl Physio Renovation Now Completed

By August 19, 2019October 18th, 2023News

Thank you to our many patients and staff for your patience and understanding while we re-vamped the North Curl Curl Treatment rooms. Due to several factors, we really needed to undertake this renovation outside of usual business hours, and thanks to our industrious Builder Darg and some very helpful and flexible tradespeople, we were able to get it done.

As a result of the changes, we now have the ability to see our Patients in several new treatment rooms offering more privacy from the front reception area, whilst opening up the Gym and Rehab area to allow a comprehensive coverage of our patient’s exercise needs.

North Curl Curl Physio still boasts the provision and use of high tech equipment used for dynamometry, movement analysis and gait and running assessments. This equipment allows the Physiotherapists to obtain specific objective measurements before implementing a program of exercises and stretches. This approach is crucial for boosting patient compliance in carrying out their home programs, and for allowing them to see real results after only short periods of following the exercise regime.

The latest Research shows time and time again the effectiveness of these exercise programs in assisting full recovery from injury when combined with effective Manual Therapy. Return to sport and pre-injury activities is done safely , and in a controlled manner when we have the equipment and skillset to replicate and build strength on the actions which often created the injury in the first place.

The feedback has been very positive from both the Physio’s and staff, as well as the patients finding it more comfortable being in a relaxed and friendly environment. If you haven’t seen the changes, feel free to pop your head in one day and see it for yourself. Our Physio’s are still available outside of usual business hours from 7am till 6:30pm and Saturday mornings.