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Strong Equals Smart?

By May 11, 2018October 18th, 2023Exercise, Fitness, Health

Research shows a link between grip strength and intelligence!

Dr Joseph Firth has crunched the data of the UK Biobank of almost 500,000 people and has found that people with a strong grip have, on average, better visual memory, reaction time, reasoning, number memory and prospective memory.This has been previously linked with individuals over 55 years of age, but now there is evidence to support the same with those under 55 years of age. Aerobic exercise has also been shown to improve mental health.

A strong handshake may have more benefit than just the first impression, leading to better mental health, as it was also shown to improve outcomes for individuals with schizophrenia.

With such a large sample size, this adds weight to the physio mantra that is becoming more and more popular “You can’t go wrong getting strong.”

At North Curl Curl Physiotherapy we focus heavily on strengthening exercises to prevent recurring and future injuries. With two ASCA Strength and Conditioning Coaches and regular Strength and Conditioning classes, we are well placed to get you stronger and healthier.

Grip Strength is Associated With Cognitive Performance in Schizophrenia and the General Population: A UK BioBank Study of 476,559 people. Joseph Firth et al., April 2018, Schizophrenia Bulletin.

By Blake Walmsley