Claudia Cook


BHSc (Physiotherapy)
Clinical Pilates Instructor

Although Claudia is one of our Kiwi members of Staff she is also our most local. Claudia lives so close to the practice that she can hear her kettle boiling. When Claudia joined us early in 2013 she had just moved up from Melbourne where she had a senior role in a large musculoskeletal and sports injury clinic. When we first met Claudia we were amazed at how well she fitted into the MGS practice personally and professionally. Her post graduate experience and training are completely in line with our services in terms of both assessment and treatment skills. Like the rest of the Physios here, Claudia likes to get to the core elements of her patient’s problems. She looks at why problems have presented and what is the best and most practical way to go about making improvements for people.
She is a great communicator which helps her to understand how a condition is affecting a person as well as why.

Claudia uses a combination of hands on treatment techniques together with exercise prescription to get her patients back to full function. Although highly trained in the treatment of spinal conditions Claudia has a particular interest in hip and shoulder conditions. Through clinical experience and her own injuries Claudia has developed an interest in treating the thoracic spine, lumbar-pelvic pain, hypermobility, hip pain and chronic lower limb injuries. She loves helping people return to running!

Claudia has completed extra training in the pelvis and trunk, learning to use the thoracic ring theory, and more recently extensive training in breath retraining to treat dysfunctional breathing.

Due to numerous factors in our modern day lives people can develop dysfunctional breathing patterns, which can cause our bodies can remain in a suboptimal state until addressed.

Correct breathing can help with sporting and total body performance, emotional control, anxiety, regulating the nervous system, bad breath, crooked teeth, facial aesthetics, neck pain, enlarged tonsils, snoring, improving natural histamine response, overnight toilet trips/betwetting and IBS just to name a few. This is an exciting area and Claudia is very passionate about helping her patients be their best selves.

When she is not in the rooms Claudia is probably out enjoying the active lifestyle that Manly offers. She loves spending time with husband and together they have a long list of things to do like triathlons, marathons, standup paddling, kayaking, surfing and ocean swimming. You would think that after welcoming two beautiful girls into their lives would have slowed her and husband Marty up, but they seem to be finding the time to keep up all the other fun things too. It’s tiring just writing all that stuff down, however, Claudia is full of energy and could knock half of it over before lunch.

We all love having Claudia with us at MGS. Claudia is very popular amongst the patients and since returning from Maternity leave has just stepped right back into MGS life as if she had never been away.

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