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The MGS Family continues to Grow

By October 24, 2017September 24th, 2023Uncategorised

The MGS Xmas party numbers just keep getting bigger, and most important on the agenda is for ample parking for prams, strollers and baby blankets amongst the staff frivolities.

Congratulations to two of our popular physio’s, Kate and Claudia who have just welcomed their new baby’s into their lives.

Kate and her husband Richard are ecstatic to introduce young Thomas to us all. First time parents and they are taking it all in their stride. For those of you who already know Kate, she has a beaming smile whenever she is at work usually, well we’ve never seen it so permanent and genuine since having young Thomas.

Claudia is more of an old hand at this baby business. She has managed to return to work at MGS whilst embracing motherhood and taking care of her now 2 year old girl Lilah. Claudia and her husband Marty proudly introduced baby Clara recently. In her usual cool, calm and collected nature, Claud’s is coping extremely well and loving having the two girls around.

As with all of our Physio’s when on maternity leave, we encourage them to stay off work for as long as they can and wish, to embrace motherhood and family life, as much as we and their loyal patients would like to see them back sooner. Having said that, both girls have indicated that they wish to return to work around Feb. We are very happy for them and are excited to spread this awesome news to you all.