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Why do my knees crack?

By April 8, 2013April 17th, 2024Uncategorised

Do your knees make a clicking sound when you do squats and lunges?

“Our kneecap or Patella is an example of a Seasmoid bone, essentially a floating bone encased in a large tendon,” explains Physiotherapist and the author of ‘Overcoming Pain’ (Lulu Press) David Hall.

The Quadricep muscle holds the Patella and helps guide its movement up and down.

The Patella should glide up and down within a groove but sometimes it can drift outside this groove and tends to make a cracking noise as it does so.

Reasons for clicking knee joints include:

  • tight muscles in the lower back and outside thigh area,
  • poor Quadricep strength,
  • flat feet and knock knees.

If you are worried by your clicking knees, call MGS Physiotherapy to make an appointment with one of our Physiotherapists who can identify the exact problem and help you with a stretching and strength training routine to reduce that strange clicking sound.