Are you struggling with injury this soccer season? Perhaps the FIFA 11+ program is for you!

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Are you struggling with injury this soccer season ?

Perhaps the FIFA 11+ program is for you !


The FIFA 11+ Injury Prevention Program is a complete warm-up regime designed to decrease the incidence of injury in amateur soccer players aged 14 years and older.

The program was developed in 2003 by an international group of experts and its effectiveness has been scientifically proven in Switzerland.

Teams that performed the 20 minute warm-up regime twice a week had 30-50% fewer injured players. 

The study showed not only that it is an effective way of decreasing the number of injuries during training and matches, but it is also easily implemented.  In fact, the only equipment required is six pairs of parallel cones, spaced 5-6m apart on the soccer field.

The 11+ program has 3 parts with a total of 15 exercises.  The exercises should be completed in the order specified with emphasis on correct technique.  Different levels of difficulty exist within each part and you should only progress when an exercise can be performed without difficulty for the specified number of repetitions.

Part 1:   running exercises at slow speed followed by controlled partner contacts

Part 2:   six sets of exercises focussing on core strength, balance, plyometrics and agility

Part 3:   running exercises at moderate/high speed combined with cutting/planting movements


The great thing about this program is that it can be done by elite, professional players or at a local club level.

For more information and to download the manual visit