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Benefits of Shockwave Therapy in Physiotherapy Treatment

By August 3, 2023January 30th, 2024Shockwave Therapy

Shockwave therapy is a somewhat new treatment method in physiotherapy, but it’s one that patients and physios alike are rushing to. This non-invasive treatment delivers acoustic waves into the affected area, stimulating the body’s natural healing process. Shockwave therapy benefits a range of chronic tendon conditions and has been proven to scientifically alter tendon blood flow. This process alleviates pain and improves recovery, making it the perfect addition to your physiotherapy treatment plan.

The beauty of shockwave therapy is that it’s relatively pain-free. You may feel slight discomfort in the painful area, but this simply indicates that the proper tissues are being worked on. People have experienced great success using shockwave therapy in treating several musculoskeletal conditions in the shoulder, Achilles, elbow, knees, feet and more, in particular, the wide range of tendinopathy conditions and calcific tendinitis.

Shockwave Therapy - MGS Physiotherapy

Let’s look at some of the reasons physiotherapists recommend shockwave therapy in Sydney.

Enhancing tissue regeneration

One of the key benefits ofshockwave therapy is its ability to promote tissue regeneration. The acoustic waves used during treatment help to stimulate blood flow and cell metabolism in the targeted area. This has the enormous benefit of speeding up the healing process. Not only does this help patients recover faster than expected, but it also ensures a more thorough healing process. As a result, you may be less likely to experience a recurrence of the same injury.

Pain reduction and management

Shockwave therapy is a terrific alternative for those dealing with chronic pain conditions. Your physiotherapist may recommend this treatment to supplement other pain management techniques. Because shockwave therapy affects how pain signals are sent to our nervous systems, it has the added effect of resetting the pain cycle. Of course, the treatment has healing properties, and assists in tendon regeneration and in pain management. While shockwave therapy in Sydney is a good option for pain management, it is still best used with a holistic treatment plan.

Non-invasive treatment option

Many people handle injuries or chronic pain with surgery. While this is the only option in some circumstances, it can be beneficial to try non-invasive methods first. The effect will, of course, depend on the severity of the injury, but many people prefer to try this non-invasive and relatively pain-free treatment first. You will always want to consult with your physiotherapist and other specialists if your injury is severe enough to consider surgery, but there’s a strong likelihood that shockwave therapy can negate the need for surgical intervention.

Improving mobility

Physiotherapy is a common form of treatment for those suffering from mobility issues. However, under the banner of physiotherapy lie several different treatment methods. Shockwave therapy helps to improve joint function and mobility by reducing inflammation in a specific area. The process stimulates collagen production, a crucial component in healthy joint and muscle function, and the immediate pain relief gained from shockwave therapy can immediately improve mobility.

Reducing inflammation

Most types of injuries or chronic conditions include some form of inflammation, which is, at best uncomfortable and, at worst, extremely painful. The injured area of your body emits inflammatory mediators, often causing swelling, redness and pain. Shockwave therapy reduces the release of these mediators, reducing inflammation in the process. By removing inflammation, the pain lessens, and mobility improves.

Versatility in treatment

Another great benefit of shockwave therapy is the versatility of use in cases. Shockwave therapy can be used in various areas rather than being restricted to a couple of body parts. It is commonly used for shoulders, knees, feet, elbows – anywhere that tendon injuries can occur. Being so versatile, shockwave therapy can significantly benefit a range of injuries and conditions.

Decreased dependency on medication

Often, the simplest way to relieve pain is with medication. However, this form of treatment isn’t ideal for everybody. For example, people with previous substance dependency issues may be reluctant to use certain types of pain medication. Others may simply not like the idea of taking medication regularly. Shockwave therapy is non-invasive and requires no medication, making it an excellent natural option to reduce pain.

Long-lasting effects

Finally, many patients experience long-term improvement following shockwave therapy treatments. While it does provide temporary pain relief, the benefits don’t stop there. By resetting your pain cycle, addressing inflammation and improving tendon blood flow, patients can feel the benefits of shockwave therapy long into the future. Naturally, all injuries require proper healing and additional treatment methods for a full recovery, but shockwave treatment is undoubtedly a big part of it. An integral part of Shockwave treatment is the Physiotherapists skill and experience in diagnosing the extent of the pathology and complementing the shockwave treatment with the correct graded exercise program designed to assist in strengthening the tendon following injury

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