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Core Exercises on a Swiss Ball

By October 26, 2022June 11th, 2024Exercise, Posture, Riley Bodger

Riley demonstrates three core stability exercises with your swiss ball.

The exercises are:

  • Oblique Crunch – feet against the wall, hands behind head, ribs to hip
  • Dead Bug with Swiss Ball – extend opposite arm and leg, keep pressure onto the ball, keep neutral spine position
  • Swiss Ball Pike – shoulders over hands, pike hips up towards the roof, keep legs and back straight


Author – Riley BodgerRiley Bodger (MGS Manly)

Riley has a strong rehabilitation focus to support a return to sport/activity/function.  She uses both hands-on treatment as well as exercises, as she believes both are important and beneficial.

Riley has an interest in sports injuries and has a lot of experience especially with female athletes and also with knees i.e ACL’s.

Outside of work Riley enjoys spending time with friends and family, loving her weekend coffees and walks with friends. Being by the water is important to her, no wonder she has settled in so well here in Manly.

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