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Improving Thoracic Mobility

By October 26, 2022September 27th, 2023Adam Horwitz, Exercise, Shoulder Pain

Adam demonstrates two fantastic exercises to improve spinal mobility and reduce that nagging rhomboid pain.

The first one – Thread the Needle using a foam roller that will provide a great stretch through the back of your shoulder and through the mid to upper spine.

The second one is a Cat Camel variation on the forearms.  Performing the movement on the forearms there’s a greater mobility bias on the mid to upper back.

Author – Profile Mona Vale Adam HorwitzAdam Horwitz (Mona Vale)

Adam is interested in holistically treating neck pain, headaches and migraines. He likes to use manual therapy in combination with strength training to address any deficits that may be contributing to injury risk or causing a person’s pain.

Adam likes going go to the gym and training in Brazilian Ju-jitsu. From these he has a deep understanding of gym-based activities like weightlifting and crossfit as well as martial arts in general.

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