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Shoulder Health Exercises

By October 26, 2022June 11th, 2024Exercise, Luke Tamanini, Shoulder Pain

Luke demonstrates shoulder exercises if you are having problems pressing at the gym or for shoulder health in general.

Exercises include a bilateral press, scapula wall taps, and 4 point scapula tap (that also uses your core).



Author – Luke TamaniniLuke Tamanini (MGS Manly)

Luke has had a variety of experience in treating people with pains and injuries training within gym settings, he previously had the opportunity to work within a gym as a Physiotherapist which gave him great access to learn in depth analysis of movements and patterns. He enjoys not only helping treat the pain itself but assessing lifting techniques and biomechanics with the proper tools to understand the fundamentals of how an injury occurred and more importantly give people the correct advice to prevent it from recurring.

Luke has undertaken various dry needling practice’s and courses to assist my manual therapy treatment with patients to allow them to alleviate their pain and improve their mobility and really enjoy the immediate positive responses that my clients experience following this treatment.

Luke currently plays Rugby Union captaining a 1st Grade squad, so he knows personally both the physical and mental challenges of suffering injuries in sport and the importance of returning to the competition as soon as possible. As well as experiencing first-hand many injuries and recovery times for myself and teammates.

When the weather is nice he enjoys doing the Manly to Shelly ocean swim in his lunch breaks to refresh and rest my mind for the afternoon ahead.

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