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Cross Fit & Chrissie Eves

By September 21, 2015April 17th, 2024Exercise

cross fitOur Chrissie has a passionate interest in Crossfit. We often see super fit looking crossfitters walking out of Chrissie’s treatment room. She aims to help her Crossfit clients understand the overall concepts of biomechanics, help them identify their injury and learn ways to make sure they avoid potential injury.

Being a more recent convert to crossfit, Chrissie enjoys the dynamic movement and variation of workouts to keep  her fit and strong in and outside of the clinic. She has had the awesome opportunity to work closely with Lisa and Alana, Head Coaches and Directors of Crossfit SPS Brookvale. The girls and guys at SPS work hard to stimulate every single part of the system in the body and tailor exercise to a wide range of participants of all ages and types including kids, adults, sedentary, for weight loss, people limited with injuries, athletes and people who are looking for a challenge!

Chrissie’s  interest in using ART (Active Release Therapy)Dry Needling  and Manual Therapy Techniques enables her cross fitters to keep training and move more efficiently. Good shoulder health and hip mobility allows the whole body as a unit to function more freely. Her treatments have a holistic approach, unlike some treatments which focus solely on the painful area. The key, she feels, is to be able to find ways to keep training safely whilst recovering from an injury, and to have excellent communication with the Crossfit trainers to ensure everyone is on the same page.

ART and dry needling are extremely effective techniques to increase mobility and stimulate the right muscles to move safely and efficiently. Whether it is sitting at a desk or activities that involve picking up your kids or doing house chores; these everyday tasks involve forward postures and cause the muscles in our neck and chest or front of hips to tighten. If you then get in to the gym to exercise,  your body is at a higher risk of injury. Preparing the body before hitting the gym is essential to assist in avoiding injuries.

Don’t wait until an injury occurs, make sure you have the knowledge and tools to train Crossfit safely. Speak to your Crossfit Instructor and if needed, give Chrissie a call for a detailed biomechanical and functional movement assessment to help identify where you may be at risk.