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Knee Health

By May 25, 2022June 11th, 2024Knee Pain, Richard Mills

Knee Health

I often get asked: “Which knee brace should I be using to keep me safe doing what I love?” The answer most often is “None, they don’t really work.” Generally speaking, unless you have knee osteoarthritis, there is poor support in the research for the benefits of knee bracing over strength and conditioning for knee health and reinjury. This includes knees that have been operated on or non-operative damaged knees. Think ACLs and menisci. So, the good news is you probably don’t have to shell out for that robocop looking bit of gear if you don’t want to. The better news is that we can help build you up to be more robust, resilient and confident to do all the things you want to do. But if you feel like you really need that new bit of gear, that’s cool too.


Author – Richard MillsRichard Mills (MGS Manly)

Richard’s long personal association with injury helps him understand how important it is to get back to what you love doing as quickly and confidently as possible, regardless of what that love is. Richard hates telling people to stop doing what they love (he’s looking at the runners) but often you need to slow down and build up again.

To help people get back to where they want to be, Richard has undertaken professional development in cycling, running and shoulder treatment, amongst others. He is about to brush up on the latest in pain science and is always broadening his strength and conditioning skills.

Richard is into natural remedies. You don’t get more natural than using the body’s inbuilt repair mechanisms by getting stronger, more robust and more resilient.

Richard grew up skateboarding and forgot to stop. This means a lifetime of falling over and figuring out how to get back up again. Now Richard is a skateboarder that surfs, snowboards and dirt surfs on a bike (MTB) and still falls over a lot.

He has had a long, varied career before he became a physio. He understands a range of work types from desk bound to carrying heavy things, climbing 15m in the air.

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