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MGS Physio Rehab Classes vs Pilates, what’s the difference?

What does it mean to be ‘life fit’?

We at MGS like to think that everyone wakes up each morning moving well, pain free and without fear of movement or re-injury. Sometimes after a recent pain event this can be a big ask and confusing when negotiating the large array of potential exercise options available. This is where your MGS physiotherapist is here to help. We see it as our role to help you, the individual, cut through the ‘noise’ of the complicated and often expensive consumer health landscape and put you on the right path to a better quality of living.

There are many healthy lifestyle maintenance exercise options available such as Yoga and Pilates and other HITT program type exercise groups. We believe any exercise option that gets people out and moving is a great exercise option and we endorse our patients attending all and any of these such classes.

However, after a pain event, bridging the gap between a recent injury and return to pain free (and fear free) activities of daily living and reducing the fear of recurrence is daunting. Many musculoskeletal complaints involving muscles, tendons, joints and bones are often due to people doing,

‘too much, too fast, after doing too little for too long’.1

and the injury itself often represents the ‘final straw’ on a background of pre-existing deconditioning or compensatory strategies, such as lack of mobility or strength and poor habits.

exercises classes for individuals to learn more about their bodies, improving their overall strength & conditioning

Our Physiotherapist directed exercises classes pose an option for individuals to learn more about their bodies, improving their overall strength and conditioning and reducing the fear and anxiety that often comes after a pain event. We hope to bridge the gap between injury and injury prevention and return our patients to whatever healthy lifestyle option they choose. Our classes incorporate elements of mobility and strength and good quality movement using best practice and the most relevant evidence-based literature.

mobility and strength exercise

Our classes are not your long-term healthy lifestyle option, that option you have to choose for yourself.  Our classes help get you there. By showing you how to move well, and stay well, we hope we can encourage you to achieve any exercise goal you wish. In some cases, we hope to simply re-introduce you back to the world of exercise and engaging in general activity which has been shown time and time again to have unparalleled health benefits.

Man exercising and engaging in general activity with a coach

  1. Dr Caleb Burgess Dr of Physiotherapy.