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Physitrack – A Modern Approach to Exercise Rehab

By May 28, 2018April 17th, 2024Rehabilitation

Movement and exercise are the cornerstones of physiotherapy.

You may spend an hour or two face to face with your physiotherapist per week. Over the course of a 6-week rehab journey, you might see your physio for a total of 6-8 hours out of the 800+ hours that your recovery may take.

If rehabilitation is not being performed effectively, or not being performed at all outside of face to face time, then it is likely that you are not going to get the outcomes that you seek.

At MGS we strive to provide the highest quality treatment from the clinic, to your home, with such a large focus on teaching you how to manage your condition with self help exercises.

So how can we ensure that your home exercise program is being performed regularly and to the best of your ability?

Enter physitrack.

Physitrack is a digital platform that enables our physiotherapists to send high quality videos of rehab exercises directly to our patients, with detailed descriptions of how to perform the exercises effectively, to optimize recovery. The physitrack program has a huge library of exercises to select from, but the real kicker comes from the ability to upload new exercises into the system quickly and easily. During a treatment session the physio is able to film an exercises, upload it to physitrack directly from their phone, and send it to the patient. All within 5 minutes.

The patient receives a link to a free App on their phone, tablet or computer to be able to get started easily and quickly.

Other outstanding features of physitrack include:

  • Ease and speed of use for both physios and patients
  • The ability to deliver exercise programs in a variety of ways – printed, emailed, video, and via the PhysiApp on your smart phone
  • The ability to deliver extras, such as pain and recovery questionnaires as well as education material
  • The feedback that can be generated from you – exercise adherence, pain levels, functional progress


The bottom line…

It’s time to say goodbye to stick figures on crumpled pieces of paper, trying to decipher messy handwriting, with little to no education content or specific prescription.

A positive patient experience is always our aim. This is why we are always striving to be at the top of our game, providing superior treatment using the best tools available.

Several of our Physiotherapists have started using Physitrack, ironing out the bumps, to pave the way for the rest of us. We have Alex , who has a background and passion for strength and conditioning, leading the charge to get the Physitrack set up and loaded for the rest of us the follow.