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By April 26, 2016April 17th, 2024Exercise

Written by Maleeka Rayner


Prevention is a big part of physiotherapy. Believe it or not, most injuries can be minimised and/or prevented by some simple day to day things you can do to look after yourself. If you are either training for a particular goal, keeping active or just have a desk based lifestyle here are some simple tips to keep your body in better physical shape.

1. Regular stretches at the desk or office or consider taking a beginners yoga class once a week
2. Jump on the foam roller to release your upper and lower body
3. Be aware of your stress levels and tiredness. These are warnings from your body to slow down and to take a break, even if it’s just a lunch time walk.
4. Schedule enough time to warm up and cool down before a work out
5. Consult someone about what to do with exercise if you are unsure
6. Speak to your physio about your general lifestyle and getting your physical health back on track.
7. Make sure you get enough sleep and are properly rested mind and body!