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Stay Tuned for New Women’s Health Physio coming to MGS Mona Vale and Manly

Women’s Health continues to be such an incredibly necessary and valuable service to offer our patients. Kate, our Manly resident Women’s Health expert has been inundated with bookings from so many patients, many of whom previously thought their issues were just a usual part of having a baby or getting older. Due to Kate’s high demand for her services, we are super excited to announce that we have found another Women’s Health Physiotherapist who will come on board at MGS and start working in Mona Vale as well as in Manly with Kate.

Introducing Liane Fenwick, boasting over 25 years’ experience, and an impressive history to go with her Physio career. We look forward to Liane starting with us later next month. Stay tuned to next month’s newsletter for more details on how Liane may just be able to help you.