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Avoiding Lower Back and Pelvic Injuries in Pregnant Clients

By January 7, 2015June 11th, 2024Pregnancy

Avoiding Lower Back and Pelvic Injuries in Pregnant ClientsAvoiding Lower Back and Pelvic Injuries in Pregnant Clients

Jenny Doyle from the MGS Manly Clinic had an article printed in the Summer 2014 Edition of Network Magazine, about how to avoid lower back and pelvic injuries and ensure the best pelvic health in pregnant clients.

Here are the main points of the article:

  • Many physical changes that occur during pregnancy can affect physical performance and increase the likelihood of musculoskeletal injuries;
  • The primary goal throughout pregnancy is to maintain physical fitness (not increase it) in order to avoid injury and improve the likelihood of a good birthing experience;
  • By helping clients strengthen their core and global muscle systems, they will benefit from enhanced support of the lumbar spine; and
  • Although precautions need to be taken, most pregnant women without medical risk can achieve great health benefits through physical activity

Click here to read the full article.

Jenny Doyle, BSc (Hons), MSc, MCSP, MAPA is a physiotherapist, sports scientist and clinical Pilates instructor with extensive clinical experience. She works with Active Anatomy Physiotherapy which runs health professional rehabilitation workshops across Australia. and 02 9451 9014.